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Prophecies of the Pattern
Genre/Theme: Fantasy Status: Open
Telnet: potp-mud.com:6400
Website: potp-mud.com
Prophecies of the Pattern is a text based game, where you can interact with dozens of other people from around the world while living out the fantasy of the Wheel of Time. Prophecies of the Pattern combines the feel of the WoT with a real time gaming atmosphere where players can socialize and play their character, or go out and adventure though the vast and richly detailed lands. We boast a massive list of features - far too numerous to list in one place. Our MUD is equally huge with over 20,000 hand-crafted rooms. We offer a very newbie friendly atmosphere with Mentors to help new players get started, special bonuses for newbies, and manage to offer plenty of challenges for veterans as well.
Email: bellas@potp-mud.com
Codebase: Other [Modified]
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