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Dark Things
Genre/Theme: Unknown Status: Open
Website: darkthings.genesismuds.com/w/index.php
Nestled against beautiful landscapes and majestic natural mysteries of the Massachusetts wilderness, the small town of Haven Point thrives. With a long standing historical background, a flourishing tourist trade, and a thriving college humming at its heart, Haven Point appears too many as the perfect small New England town. The streets are narrow and the parks are a hive of laughter and life during the daylight hours. Joggers enjoy their runs without fear while families hold cookouts and little league teams practice without worry. Houses remain unlocked and car keys are left in the ignitions. Yep. On the outside Haven Point is perfect. But there is something more looming just beyond the birthday parties and barbeques. In a town so normal, bloodlines rich with history and magic exist....and so do other things. What is it about Haven Point that draws so much supernatural attention? Is it the high deposit of precious gems in the earth below the town? Or is it the history of witchcraft and curses that bring demons up from their hideaways to lurk and hunt the small town streets? OOC Theme Note: Based on themes such as TV series The Vampire Diaries and Secret Circle, the the town of Haven Point is not what it seems. The world is a very different place than most could ever dream. Vampires, witches, psychics, werewolves and demons are very real, and as bridges are burned and the days tick by, more and more problems are befalling the small New England town -- and it's up to the new generations to stop them.
Codebase: TinyMUSH [Modified]
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