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Castle Arcanum
Genre/Theme: Fantasy Status: Open
Telnet: CastleArcanum.com:3888
Website: www.CastleArcanum.com
Characteristics that differentiate Castle Arcanum from the rest of the world!
A highly modified Envy-based MUD.
Contains a wide range of areas with over 10,000 rooms and thousands of unique mobs and items.
Interactive rooms, objects and mobs elevate the game experience to a whole new level.
Unlock special items and skills with extensive single and multiplayer quests.
Multi-class system allows for increased skills and player ability.
PK-arena allows you to settle those quarrels with other players without the loss of experience.
Customizable player housing allows you to own a small corner off the world.
And much more!
Email: benivo@hotmail.com
Codebase: Other [Modified]
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