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Genre/Theme: Fantasy Status: Open
Telnet: lov.genesismuds.com:PORT
Website: lov.genesismuds.com
It is 999 years After Founding. The Kingdom of Valdemar has been quiet and peaceful in the few hundred years since the northern barbarian army invaded and were thwarted by the Last Herald Mage. But as the first Millenium approaches, the city of Haven and the collective Collegia make plans for a great Celebration. However, there are rumors of unrest on the borders, strange sightings to the West, demons to the South, leaving Valdemar feeling strangely alone and unprotected(?) But there are still watchful eyes, be they Vrondi, Companion, or Human, waiting perhaps for something to happen… soon.
Email: sakka.chan@gmail.com
Codebase: LambdaMOO [Modified]
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