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Genre/Theme: Science Fiction Status: Invite Only
Telnet: evystia.genesismuds.com:PORT
Website: evystia.genesismuds.com
Welcome to the world of Evystia, while the name might roll rather nicely off the tongue, this world is a smuggler's paradise and everyone's favorite mud hole of the outer rim. If you think of the known universe as kind of a horizontal hourglass, Evystia is bottle necked right between the interior colonies and the outer rim worlds. The Builders who were said to have created life as we know it in the universe long ago, also left behind the 'Monoliths', incredibly large structures in space which can bend space and allow travel to distant star systems. One such Monolith is found orbiting the sun of Evystia, and it is the only known connection between the interior and exterior worlds as they are sometimes referred to. Several vast and ancient star empires have been strewn about this universe which is seemingly constantly in conflict. Myths and legends can often become realities, as stories seem to begin recounting actual events of the past. Many incredibly large wars and cataclysms have caused data and written history to be skewed and lost entirely. You enter the world as a pilot who is rather down on their luck. Whatever your backstory may be, you somehow end up being one of three categories, military, merchant or civilian. Military means you earned your skills through military training, merchants through working for merchant syndicates and civilians through working for corporations or as research scientists. Each path can lead you to almost any different direction in life. Whatever path you choose will decide things like the equipment you begin with, your backstory and possible interactions in the game. Certain jobs may require one specific type of training over another. Things like profiles and backstories are rewarded but not required. As you find yourself on Evystia with your history chosen, you will then have the option to create your future. Whether you'd like to explore the little known outer rim worlds or check out the vast areas of seemingly 'empty' and often unexplored space - or you'd like to join the Star Command, the Confederates or another faction, the possibilities are endless and up to you.
Email: irdryd@genesismuds.com
Codebase: LambdaMOO [Modified]
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