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2016's Eternal Darkness
Genre/Theme: Fantasy Status: Open
Telnet: eternaldarkness.net:9700
Website: eternaldarkness.net
2016's Eternal Darkness We Have Moved! Our new address is: eternaldarkness.net 9700 Come join the adventure, mayhem, and fun of Eternal Darkness, one of the most unique and exciting MUDs on the net! Great new zones, terrifying foes, and plenty of surprises await the true adventurer to discover and conquer. An extensive clan system, equipment forge system, and rare loads are some of the features of the game. Players may choose to rise to unlimited levels, or to remort to our Dragon levels. After reaching Eternal Dragon status, continue on to our newest feature - Titan levels! With our extensive spell spheres, gods, and guilds, players will have unique combinations which will make them different from any other player on the game! Become top dog on ED! Are you up to the challenge? Show us who's boss and what you are made of. Will you be one of the survivors in this dark and desolate land? See you soon!
Email: eternaldarkness@vineyard.haus
Codebase: CircleMUD [Modified]
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