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Genre/Theme: Science Fiction Status: Open
Telnet: admiral.genesismuds.com:5560
Website: admiral.genesismuds.com
The mud is about 75% done. All starting areas are done and people can start to play. Mud features battle-war storyline and indepth battle system. We have full vehicle and space combat with ground combat. Also hidden spell system reward for RP excellence. over 200 skills and spells and abilities. Massive worlds 30000+ vnums of rooms mobs and objects. Fully player driven economy. 5 Pc races and 90 NPC races to choose from. 7 skill trees to pick from. SWR 1.0 codebase with over 50k new lines of code added. Dynamic and inventive unique skills and spells added, Non permanent death system, but players may delete themselves.
Email: fujimitsu66@juno.com
Codebase: Smaug [Modified]
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