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Macross: New Horizon
Genre/Theme: Anime Status: Open
Telnet: macross.genesismuds.com:2050
Website: www.macrossnewhorizon.org
Macross: New Horizon is a roleplay MUSH based upon the anime series Super Dimension Fortress: Macross (a.k.a. Robotech the Macross Saga). Set 40 years after the events of Space War I the MUSH chronicles the travels of the Horizon colony fleet, a massive city in space that's being sent to the other side of the Milky Way galaxy. This is not a safe journey either as the route is rife with mercenaries, pirates, and even the AUN - a terrorist/guerilla force that is opposed to the current UN government that's responsible for keeping the current alliance of humanity and the Zentradi (a race of humanoid giants originally created as weapons) in check. The MUSH itself sports an extensive knowledge base, making it accessible to people who are both new to Macross and new to MUSHing. All you need is a love for sci-fi, mecha, rock and roll, and giant space amazons (no, we're not kidding). Feel free to swing by our website or log straight into the MUSH to see it all for yourself!
Email: macrossmu@gmail.com
Codebase: PennMUSH [Original]
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