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Genre/Theme: Anime Status: Open
Telnet: omen.genesismuds.com:7750
Website: angelic.usagimimi.com/angelic
Present day. Present time! ^_^; ...okay, well, last year, to be honest. Enjoy our super-secret recipe! * First - Eriol Gakuen, Tokyo. A school that has seen it all - Pocky, Shibuya fashion, handheld games, tamagochi, pocket monsters, you name it! * Second - Students of all grades from kindergarten to high school. Clubs, dances, fairs... and (gasp!) homework. ^_^;; * Third - A ball of chocolate fudge sundae. * Fourth - One modern megapolis. * Fifth - A cup of green tea. * Sixth - A 333-meter tall TV tower. * Seventh - The latest high tech game, so great that it makes grown engineers weep with joy! Mix well. Shake. Sprinkle liberally with secrets and mysteries. Serve exuberantly. It is never too late to have a happy childhood!
Email: angeliclayerstaff@gmail.com
Codebase: PennMUSH [Modified]
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