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Genre/Theme: Fantasy Status: Open
Telnet: pict.genesismuds.com:4200
Website: pict.genesismuds.com
The year is 208 AD: The Roman general Septimius Severus leads a force of 40,000 Roman troops into what they called Britannia. As an ancient Celtic warrior, what the Romans and others referred to as a Pict, you call the region home and have answered the call to arms. [Pict] features an 8000-room totally unique ASCII game world based on an actual map of the area between the Antonine Wall and Hadrian's Wall in ancient Caledonia, or what is now southern Scotland. The game features open-ended character advancement, randomized items with stat bonuses, faction-based shops and stat bonuses, and rare but powerful magic spells that can be found by using the study skill on scrolls, which can be looted from kills or purchased at shops. Other features include a built-in auction system, craftable bows, bronze, iron, and leather armor and weapons, potions, scrolls, staves, and wands, and the ability to survey a wide area of land around you from the treetops, a mountainside, or a city wall by using the "map" or "survey" commands. Essentially, [Pict] is a massive world full of beasts, monsters, and ruthless, reckless Romans that constantly fight and/or team up with each other based on their AI. Players may currently complete kill quests to advance their character skills and stats, as well as gather pelts from animal kills, which can then be exchanged for free random items or used in leatherworking. Note: [Pict] is constantly in development. Feel free to send any and all suggestions (or bug reports) by writing an in-game note to Theran. (Type 'note to theran', then 'note subject idea', then 'note write'and follow the instructions from there).
Email: rsummerlin@trla.org
Codebase: ROM [Modified]
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